Legal job interview tips

How satisfied do you feel that someone has fully understood when you are explaining something to them? When have you done this recently?

Always 100% satisfied

If I get the feeling some has misunderstood me I would ask.

I take pleasure in explaining things to others and sharing the knowledge that I have gained and over the years I believe it is a skill that I have developed to a good standard.

I would question them on what I have said in a way that is not condescending. Mention the work experience at abogados de accidentes de carro.

You can tell by their body body language when something has not been completely understood and I find different way of explaining it

For example, when I work at the citizens advice beuro, I have to break down a lot of legal terms in order for my client to fully understand. The law is very complex but I am able distil the information effectively and help clear any problems or issues they may have.


  1. You’re asked to summarise complex information to a senior manager at the last minute. How do you feel about this? Have you done something similar recently?


Would relish the opportunity, I thrive under pressure. I am great with using my innitative and can always present information in a clear concise manner. I am able to distil information effectively. It allows me to come across as emphatic and more relatable If I can demonstrate I know what I am talking about. I done this for my dissertation proposal at university. My task was to perorm15 minuite presentation o the legislative issues and criticims facing forced labout within the UK. It is a very complex and broad topic so I had to filter the relevant information and summarise my work, delivering it at the level other students could appreciate and understand.

4. How do you ensure you learn new things quickly? When have you done this recently?

My own personal learning process is twofold. First, I write down notes on the new information on a piece of paper, usually listing them off as they are read. Then I read aloud these notes slowly, changing the words around so that it forces me to rethink the content of the writing and the structure. I like to have everything in a logical coherent order.

Our exams are graded not only on the content but the structure, the critical analysis and forming our own opinions. In order for me gain the knowledge on how to do that.  Once I have everything written down I will then incorporate it into a conversation with my friends or family. By me explaing to them what my question is about helps me understand fully the information I amlearning. I find it to be a  full proof system based on my grades..